No matter what age you are, planning for your retirement or making sure your pension is on the right track should be a priority.

As a nation we are living longer so the need for a realistic retirement plan is very important. Also the State Transition Pension was abolished in January 2014, thereby increasing the pension age to 66. The state pension age is due to increase further to age 67 in 2021 and 68 in 2028. There’s never been a better time to start or review your pension. Your pension aims to help you ensure that your retirement years are spent doing the things you always wanted to, not regretting the opportunities you missed.

At Donoghue Financial we will exam and audit any exiting pension arrangements that you have. This audit will take into account how expensive your current facility is. Do you have an understanding and capacity for risk and if so does your pension mirror this attitude. We provide breakdowns and reports on your pension on a regular basis. We provide options that not only can give you a good return on your pension savings but also give protection in inevitable downturns.

Everyone’s circumstances are unique to them. We will work with you ensuring you get a be-spoke pension that is individual to your circumstances. AT Donoghue Financial we clarify the jargon that can be associated with the different pre and post retirements options like ARF’s, AMRF’s, Personal Pensions, PRSA’s, Annuities etc so that you understand in everyday english what your options are. We work with our clients resulting in a pension strategy that is tailored to our clients individual needs, wants and requirements.

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