Whether one has a lump sum to invest or wants to start a regular savings plan Donoghue Financial have access to a broad range of options.

We educate our clients to these options and match each individual’s attitude and experience of risk to provide the best facility suited to their needs and wants. Our clients in these instances are not only personal clients but also corporate bodies that might have large balances in the current accounts earning nothing but fees.

With Banks offering record low interest rates coupled with very high DIRT rates it is imperative that clients get access to an independent advisor such as Donoghue Financial to see the range of alternative options on the market place.
We have clients ranging from the very cautious to clients who have more tolerance towards risk. Each fund that is available on the market is now managed to a specific risk level meaning there should be a fund to suit your risk appetite and this fund will continue to suit your selected risk appetite over time. What is important is that these funds not only offer very good growth potential but also give downside protection in times when inevitable instability is present in the world.

Alternatively to fund investments we also have access to options that are not directly guided by what happens on the financial markets. Investors can diversify their portfolios by being part of a larger investment into buildings like supermarkets, car parks etc. Every year there are options being brought to the market that offer investors, both experienced and inexperienced, great alternatives to diversify their portfolio. At Donoghue Financial we sift through these investments making sure that our clients get the best options at all times.

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